A South Seas dream come true


A South Seas dream come true

Follow me and discover together with me the most exciting, breathtaking and beautiful sights in Fiji.

As announced, now follows my travel report about Fiji. For the stopovers – Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Dubai, Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane – there will be detailed information at a later date, as this would go beyond the scope of the Fiji reportage. However, you can contact me at any time if you have further questions.

I. Taveuni

(von Laucala Island mit dem Privatboot in ungefรคhr 30 Minuten zu erreichen)

I. a. Best dive spot ever

Fiji is the South Seas dream come true not only above, but also – because of its fascinating underwater world with intact mangrove forests – under water.

Almost everywhere you can find colorful reefs, breathtaking soft corals as well as multifaceted coral gardens and especially friendly sharks. While climate change is continuously reducing the oxygen content of the Indian Ocean every year, the Pacific Ocean is still alive and offers divers heavenly views under water.

The highlight of all worldwide dives is an extraordinary dive trip at the world famous Rainbow Reef: Yesterday it was the Great Barrier Reef. Today it is the Great White Wall. Each time, we dive into this world-class cavern where the reef walls shimmer white. The soft corals growing there are actually lavender to deep purple in color. However, the wall is sloped in such a way that no direct sunlight falls on the vegetation, giving the diver the impression of being in the middle of the deep blue sea in front of a snow-covered reef wall that descends to a depth of 60 fabulous meters. However, this mystical underwater experience can only be experienced at a certain time of day. The diving instructors of Laucala Island know the exact time. Only in this case the notorious Fiji-time does not exist, because such an incredible experience is and remains the highlight of the day for Fijian divers.

Taveuni, the third largest island in Fiji, also offers amazing and unique things above water. The island is located exactly on the 180th degree of longitude. The skipper of Laucala Island will also tell you fascinating things about this geographical dateline.

With a private boat and subsequent transfer over land (Laucala Island organizes everything in advance) we visited Taveuni’s west coast the following day.

I. b. The International Date Line

In the sleepy village of Waiyevo on Taveuni’s west coast, a plaque provides detailed information about where the International Date Line once ran, thus dividing the island calendrically into today and yesterday. Those who stood to the east of the landmark were in yesterday; those who stayed to the west were in today. Currently, the officially practiced International Date Line is located east of Fiji. This allows the island nation to live by a uniform date.

I. c. The Tavoro Waterfalls

Since Taveuni is one of the rainiest regions on earth, this sap green island is characterized by rich flora and tropical rainforests. Every day from 3:00 p.m. the raindrops patter down from the trees. Not for nothing this island with its nickname, the garden island, enchants every visitor in many ways. For example, you can climb the three famous Tavoro waterfalls. At the top you will be rewarded with an unforgettable view. But be careful, the way there is tedious and the uneven stairs and countless stones are very slippery. I therefore recommend only a bath in the first waterfall – Brooke Shields dropped her clothes in this first pool in the world-famous movie “The Blue Lagoon”.

II. Nadi

Of course, you can spend your vacation in Fiji in the classic way, just relaxing, sitting back and doing nothing for the first time. If you feel the need for adventure, I recommend a visit to the lively local market in Nadi. There you can marvel at the multifaceted kava roots, among other things.

Furthermore, the city offers the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere, the so-called “Sri SivaSubramaniya Swami” temple. This richly decorated and colorful temple complex represents a popular pilgrimage site. However, only Hindus are allowed to enter the interior of the temple. So we had to stay outside. Finally, in Nadi there is the “Garden of the Sleeping Giant”, a national park with wooden paths and, among other things, a lily pond with a fantastic view of giant tree ferns and an extensive collection of orchids. This was personally cultivated by American actor Raymond Burr in 1977 and admired by him every day. We were able to walk through the garden of the sleeping giant at the foot of the Nausori highlands. A terrific experience! You should plan one day for the three sights mentioned above.

III. Suva

Picturesque Suva, Fiji’s capital, is also well worth a day trip. I would avoid a ride on the local, adventurous, brightly painted, rickety local buses – with no windows and no radio, but well equipped with natural air conditioning and live music. In the capital, in addition to a visit to the lively market, I recommend you take a look at the colonial government buildings (like the White House) from the outside. You only need to walk along Queen Elizabeth Drive. Find out in advance about the time of the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace, the first week of each month. Unfortunately, we saw only one guard soldier standing there – deep in his thoughts – at the end of the month.

The Guard Troop is said to provide an impressive ceremony at the changing of the guard.

The Fiji Museum “Vale Ni Yaya Maroroi”-opened in 1955 and located in a small park nearby-houses a remarkable collection of archaeological items, cultural exhibits, historical artifacts from over 3,700 years ago. Everything from James Cook’s discovery of Oceania to the cannibal era to Fiji’s incorporation into the British Empire is documented. Personally, the rudder of HMS Bounty, a British Admiralty three-master which set out on a South Sea voyage in 1787, and Thomas Baker’s tragic story remain in my eternal memory. The English missionary was killed and apparently eaten by followers of the Fijian religion in 1867. For historians, finding out the truth remains a challenge. But he was allegedly eaten in the mountain village of Nabutautau. His partially torn and bitten shoe soles, as well as his Bible, are on display in the museum behind a glass wall. Don’t worry today Fijians are the most hospitable people on earth. The Fijian folk song – “Bau nanuma na nodatau Iasa”, which means happy hours, beautiful moments are for eternity – is in fact preserved in the life of each individual who allows the delightful sides of life.

Personal description

A South Seas dream come true




A South Seas dream come true

Best time to travel

Outside the cyclone season, so avoid the months of November to April.

Getting there

ith Emirates via Dubai to Australia or New Zealand and further with Air New Zeeland to Nadi International Airport (NAN).


  • multifaceted excursion possibilities (Nadi, Suva)
  • colorful reefs
  • breathtaking coral gardens
  • intact mangrove forests
  • world famous rainbow reef (Great White Wall)
  • international dateline

Anne Hastert alias Amal Blu