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About me

Equipped with the travel-gene

My Logo:

The telescope symbolizes foresight and enables me to always look into the distance.

My civil name:

Annemarie Hastert sounds less melodic and interesting than my pseudonym.

My pseudonym:

Amal Blu. Amal is an Arabic name and means hope. Blue is my favorite color and is written in Italian “blu” as a reference to my Italian roots. You can read about the other meanings of blue in my book “The Blue Age of Fiji”.

My slogan:

Curiosity is the compass of my life.

My age:

Pure life experience.

My passions:

Luxury traveling, writing, fashion.

My website:

Look & Luxury. You can find there the most famous leading hotels and restaurants with a truly special spirit. They must all be on your bucket list! As a fashion lover, fashion will also be a topic on my website.

My dream destination:

Private Islands (Laucala Island, North Island) and vibrant cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Cape Town, Milan, Sydney…)

My favorite place to travel:

Without doubt the WORLD! I love the places and the people on every continent.

My favorite airline:

Emirates and please be aware of Fiji Airways. Fly to paradise for example with Air New Zealand. For more details, do not hesitate to contact me.

"Curiosity is the compass of my life."


This category deals with travel at the highest level and is aimed at the stylish world traveler. I would like to entertain and delight you with multi-faceted, personal travel experiences, a multi-day self-tested excursion program, first-class airlines, excellent limousine service as well as luxurious accommodations and breathtaking restaurants to the respective destinations around the globe.


In my hotel portrait section, I also present special jewels of the luxury hotel industry, mainly from Europe and Dubai. In both cases, I write exclusively and in detail about hotels and destinations that I have personally tested.



In my books, I would like to take you on a journey around the world: in my socio-critical work “Es ist Zeit zu gehen” (It’s time to go), follow me to southeastern Switzerland, to the breathtaking Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and meet the world-famous plastic surgeon Professor Werner Mang in Lindau, among other places.


Would you like to become a cooperation partner, too? My high-quality designed, bilingual Luxury Travel & Fashion Online Magazine Look & Luxury reports mainly on extraordinary hotels, exclusive restaurants, unique luxurious moments, selected excursion uniques and high fashion.