Hong Kong

Travel report about Hong Kong

As announced, I am taking you to the multifaceted Hong Kong this month! In this second blog, I will present you three true luxury hotels. Moreover, I will let you know about where the best sights for a discerning traveler are. 

There are three regions in this pulsating metropolis, called โ€œCity of Lifeโ€, which are divided into further districts.

Hotel pool


Equipped with the true luxury view, the deluxe hotels and restaurants all over the world attract me without having to look for them first. Letยดs go to the top hotel industry!

Statue in Hong Kong


Equipped with the travel-gene, I will present you the hotspots of Hong Kong. I will take you to the most important sights. These must be on your bucket-list. Let yourself be inspired and follow me! 

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