Hotels in Bali

A paradise with true luxury gems

Bali’s hotel industry has a high standard and the numerous luxury hotels in Bali, especially in the south and southwest, pamper every single guest in a special way. 

Since we wanted to see as much of the island as possible, we stayed in true luxury gems as well as authentic, luxurious accommodations and felt like we were in paradise every time, thanks to the hospitality of the Balinese and the absolutely first-class wellness offerings. 

Ayana Resort & Spa

Having arrived in Denpasar, the largest city of the Indonesian island, the hotel limousine was already waiting for us and after 25 minutes, the general manager welcomed us to the grandiose AYANA Resort and Spa Bali on the southwestern coast. 

Built on limestone cliffs, the stylish resort scores with a breathtaking location above the sea and a spectacular view of the bay of the picturesque fishing village of Jimbaran. The terraced resort with its tropical gardens, Balinese stone sculptures, magnificent pools and exquisite furnishings exudes true elegance and noble grandeur. 

Our One Bedroom Ocean Front Cliff Pool Villa number 3003 is a true dream residence with lush gardens, private pool and spectacular views. This villa must be on your bucket list. Check out the photos in the slideshow as well. You will be amazed. Of course, among the nearly 300 accommodations there are also elegant double rooms and luxurious suites, which are also furnished with Balinese artwork. However, I recommend you to book a pool villa in a dreamlike, natural environment with private ambience and breathtaking panoramic view. 

As far as the varied cuisine is concerned, there are no limits to your fine palate. The resort offers Mexican, Balinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Asian, international cuisine in the individual restaurants. I recommend dinner at the specialty Dava restaurant as well as an extravagant, romantic, private dinner in a gazebo with traditional music accompaniment and Balinese dancing. 

A must-do is a sunset visit to the dramatic Rock Bar. This spectacular bar sits 14 meters above the roaring waves of the Indian Ocean on a striking limestone formation where the waves break sonorously. The way there leads either laboriously over countless stairs or stylishly in the in-house rack railroad. 

The magnificent wellness and spa area makes the heart of every luxury wellness lover beat faster. An absolute dream comes true at the AYANA Resort & Spa. Rest and relaxation for mind, body and soul is pre-programmed! The Spa on the Rocks offers a special experience. Convince yourself and let yourself be enchanted by a Balinese massage. 

The dreamlike pool landscape – as you could already see – offers three pools (a main pool, a love pool and a children’s pool). Just dive in and enjoy! 

At the Kuba Beach, a private beach section, we finally still dangled the soul, before we tested further luxury hotels. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for golf, tennis or other sports activities this time. 

The Mulia

Our second luxury domicile is just 25 minutes away by car: THE MULIA on the beautiful sandy beach of Nusa Dua. 

The Mulia, which in the evening radiates in the torch light a completely special Ambiente, addresses itself to the fastidious guest, who attaches importance to a modern style. Of course, Balinese influences are to be found here too. 

The 111 suites with modern furnishings differ only in size and location. Our Baron Suite number 3516 with Jacuzzi on the balcony guarantees an unobstructed view of the Indian Ocean. 

As for the diverse restaurant scene, I recommend the Mediterranean / Pan-Asian “Soleil”, the Japanese “Edogin”, the Cantonese “Table 8 “and the international “The Café” with a stunning buffet. Not to forget, the Afternoon Tea at “The Lounge”, which is complimentary for suite guests. 

The ultra-modern spa pampers each and every visitor. The huge swimming pool with sea view is lined with unique sculptures and invites you to linger, while the wedding chapel tempts you to get married. 

St. Regis

The third booked hotel is the neighbor of The Mulia, so to speak. I really wanted to test the St. Regis for you. The luxurious and renowned The St. Regis Bali Resort nestled in a small tropical park, is a true luxury hotel, which immediately drew me under its spell. It is not for nothing one of the most beautiful hotels in Bali. Hillary Clinton was also a guest there on November 19, 2011. 

Upon entering the elegant lobby, which radiates high-quality furnishings, you already feel at home. The excellent service as well as the unobtrusive butler service leave nothing to be desired either. 

In the 81 suites and 43 villas, elegant design meets Balinese tradition and exquisite furnishings. We spent one night in unique, expansive Lagoon Villa 810 with direct access to the blue pool lagoon and two nights in Beach Villa 715 with private pool, its own beach area and direct access to the sea. Both villas are just top notch! I love them both! As a swim lover, I prefer the Lagoon Villa and as a beach lover, I prefer the Beach Villa with its own pool. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to pamper myself at the renowned Remède Spa or visit the exclusive golf club. 

As for culinary delights, the specialty restaurant Kayuputi never fails to enchant me. Before you go to dinner, you should watch the fire show at 6 pm. It is worth it! The Boneka buffet restaurant with a continental menu also delights me. For the person who prefers Indian delicacies, I recommend Dulang. 

The top-rated The St. Regis should be on the to-do list of any discerning and stylish luxury traveler. 


In the lively artist town of Ubud, 44 kilometers from Nusa Dua, we spended the next days and nights in another luxury hotel. In the charming Viceroy Bali, which is located slightly outside the artist town in a quiet location above the jungle-like Ayung River valley, we were immediately given a warm Balinese welcome.

The Viceroy Bali is a place of silence. Wander through the paradisiacal gardens with stone sculptures and other Balinese artworks, relax by the pool, or get pampered in the spa after an extensive day of excursions. At this hotel, luxury and wellness meet spectacular nature. 

Our Deluxe Terrace Villa number 21 with private pool amidst green hills offers luxury, relaxation and tranquility. 

The Cascades Restaurant nestled in a gorgeous tropical hillside and surrounded by green rice paddies, serves world-class gastronomy. If you’re lucky, a fantastic meal will be accompanied by a spectacular dance show. I was attracted by the splendid and glamorous costumes, the elaborate, feudal and perfectly applied make-up, the fascinating eye movements, the flexibility of the fingers, the graceful hand movements and finally the beguiling dance steps of the dancers. 


The Amankila on a hill on the east coast of Bali, our last dreamlike Best Luxury Hotel in Bali, truly reflects the spirit of Aman hotels in a unique way. Amakila, which means “peaceful hill”, also embodies – like all Aman hotels – an exceptional resort. Balinese cultural heritage and the legendary Aman design convey a Balinese and idyllic atmosphere to every guest.

The trademark of this noble boutique resort near the pretty village of Manggis is the breathtaking, terraced pool landscape with unique panoramic views in the main building. 

On to the beach club with the hotel’s own dark sand beach, a water sports center and a restaurant. Guests can also enjoy another 41-meter pool here. Follow me in a fast-paced buggy ride. 

The Amankila Spa offers, among other things, traditional Balinese massages. However, you can also be pampered in your suite. 

The 33 detached thatched pavilions are connected to the main house by bridges and countless staircases. You can choose between a Garden Suite, an Ocean Suite, a Pool Suite and an Infinity Pool Suite. Our Ocean Pool Suite number 6 with a magnificent ocean view scores like all other suites with a luxurious Balinese design. 

The culinary offer also makes the heart beat faster and the palate dance. The main Restaurant offers a successful variation of Western and Asian delicacies. The Terrace Restaurant serves a fantastic à la carte breakfast in the morning and Western as well as Eastern specialties at lunchtime, while the Beach Club offers light meals. Those who want to treat themselves to something special book a private dinner wherever and whenever they wish to dine at the resort. 

The Amankila should always be worth a stay for the luxury traveler on their Bali trip. 

Tugu Bali

INSIDER TIP: For the person who wants to experience absolute Balinese accommodation, I recommend a night at the Tugu Bali. 

Tugu Bali, an Indonesian museum hotel, has a 5-star rating but falls short compared to the featured hotels. Nevertheless, it is worth an overnight stay, because there you will really experience Indonesian feeling. Art, culture, history and wisdom are combined in a unique way in Tugu Bali and thus guarantee the cultural, historical, artistic and almost philosophical preservation from generation to generation. For example, almost forgotten stories of disappearing cultures and past traditions are regularly revived in dance performances. 

The neat little complex houses a temple imported piece by piece from Java, handmade dragon doors made by the indigenous people coming from Borneo, and several shrines. There is also a hotel herb garden and much more to discover. Follow me on Instagram (@lookandluxury) and check out the photos in the slideshow. 

In the lobby, the most striking features are the mystical figures carved out of wood, such as the Garuda figure (Garuda, a mystical bird is considered Bali’s heraldic animal) and the guardian statues wrapped in poleng cloth. Indeed, the Balinese believe that man can help keep the high and low spirits in balance through ritual sacrifices. For the natives, the universe is dualistic in nature. Thus, statues and magical objects are wrapped in black and white textiles to symbolize this opposition. 

Furthermore, one can attend, among other things, the Canang Sari. This is one of the daily, elaborately designed sacrificial ceremonies of the Balinese Hindus to their god, Sang Hyang Widhi. Throughout the site, one encounters beautiful offerings, which are artfully crafted from many different elements. For example, there are hand-woven gift baskets made of palm leaves or decorations made of coconut leaves. 

As for the rooms and suites, they are all differently furnished with high quality antiques. The villas are decorated thematically. Our artist villa number 112 with private pool, which was located on the banks of a lily pond, is dedicated to the Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpes, who lived and worked in Bali from 1932 until his death in 1958. Numerous objects and artworks in the exotically designed villa, with its bold red hues and ornate gold, reflect the time Adrien Le Mayeur and his wife of 27 years, the Balinese Legong dancer Ni Pollok, spent together. 

A villa is also dedicated to the exotic survivor Walter Spies. Born in Moscow in 1895, he found his paradise in Bali in 1927, where he was celebrated as a highly respected painter by high society until his tragic end. 

The absolute highlight is a private dinner in one of the numerous halls. We were treated to a culinary dinner journey into the past of the Balinese kingdom at Puputan. The elegant room is furnished with antique artifacts and memorabilia from venerable Balinese royal families dating back to the late 19th century. This opulent dining room is ultimately a tribute to Balinese heroes who chose suicide rather than faced the last man in a battle. Puputan is in fact a Balinese term for a ritualized mass murder.