Hotels in Sydney & Tasmania

Park Hyatt

One & Only Wolgan Valley

Saffire Freycinet

Park Hyatt 

The Park Hyatt is the only truly luxury hotel in Sydney – due to its incomparable location, it enables guests to explore the captivating Rocks village, the Sydney Opera House, the Botanical Garden and the harbour on foot! (

Although there are also negatives, the Park Hyatt is for me the one and only in Sydney. Wake up with breathtaking views of Sydney Opera House from your Opera view room (234 or 334 offer a small balcony with a great frontal view – 327 offers a larger balcony with a lateral view of the Sydney Opera House and harbour. Ask for a room on the 2nd or 3rd. floor). Of course, the Opera Deluxe room offers two balconies, but the room is much more expensive. The one-million-dollar view of the Opera is the same. You really have a box seat in the ro Opera view rooms! All rooms and suites have contemporary interiors and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to one or two balconies. 

You should dine at The Dining Room, a waterfront restaurant with impressive view of the Sydney Opera House and harbour. Unfortunately, the motto in the restaurant is “easy going” and so we always had to draw attention to ourselves in order to be served. No trace of the renowned Park Hyatt Service! The prices are very high, you pay for the location! I prefer The Living Room, the all-day-dining restaurant. It doesn´t serve a sophisticated cuisine, but the food is nice. 

The rooftop pool with whirlpool is good. However, you have to be aware of the fact, that depending on the position of your lounger, you are lying under the Harbour Bridge. The noise of the trains and cars driving over the bridge can be heard everywhere in the pool area. But the fantastic and magical views of the Opera and the gigantic cruise ships are also guaranteed! 

A picture is worth a thousand word. This saying comes true by clicking through this gallery. 

Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley

Don’t miss the experience and fly from Sydney by helicopter to the secluded Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley. This is one of a kind of destination where guests can experience the ultimate offer to the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains luxury with a 5-star experience and a staff genuinely committed to conversation.  (

From the air, the layout of Sydney can be seen to full benefit! Of course, you can also book a limousine from Sydney to Wolgan Valley. The duration of a road trip is about three hours, as I recommend a stop at the Echo Point lookout at Katoomba to see the legendary Three Sisters rock formation. You can also see this stunning geographical formation during your flight that takes forty-five minutes from Sydney to Wolgan Valley. Our pilot tells us the legend from love and war of this spectacular landmark: “The Three Sisters play an important part in Aboriginal history. The three beautiful sisters fell in love with three brothers from the hostile tribe. A powerful tribal elder decided to help the women and transformed them into stone to protect them. He planned to reverse the spell and bring the sisters back to life after the battle ended, but he was killed in the battle. And the sisters have been standing mournfully high above the Valley until now. 

The exclusive Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley in the world-famous Blue Mountains, a mountain range located in New South Wales, reflects the Grand Canyon of Australia. The name is due to a bluish veil on the horizon. The essential oils released into the atmosphere by the eucalyptus trees provide this blue haze. Book a one-bedroom Heritage Villa with private indoor pool overlooking the magical Australian scenery. The resort, which only takes up one percent of the total area, is embedded in a majestic natural paradise that is located in a 2.800 hectare nature reserve. If you should leave your villa at dusk, watch out for the cute kangaroos hopping around in front of your villa during the day. These become dangerous razors in the twilight and can briefly reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. 

The two restaurants, for dinner The Dining Room and for lunch The Country Kitchen, offer great meals with the finest local ingredients and inclusive in your accommodation package. I also recommend the various private dining options. Let your dining dreams come true in this Australian nature paradise! Eating at Wolgan Valley means unforgettable culinary delights in a breathtaking atmosphere. Don´t miss this experience! 

For relaxation, I suggest a swim in the marvelous outdoor pool, a bath in the whirlpool, a treatment in the spa or simply lie on a sun lounger and enjoy the spectacular landscape. Of course, you must also explore the native bushland maybe by horse or by foot (bushwalking). 

Definitely you have to discover after dinner the mystery of nature by night on a private nocturnal wildlife-spotting expedition and before breakfast the private Safari with your private ranger. You will never forget these remarkable experiences, as you get up close with Australia´s native wildlife and you learn so much about the flora and fauna!

The One & Only Wolgan Valley offers activity for every taste, such as stargazing, bird-watching, mountain biking, local wine and local gin tasting, historical tours to the original homestead (1832), glow-worm tours.

Just have a look at the homepage:

A picture is worth a thousand word. This saying comes true by clicking through this gallery. 

Saffire Freycinet

From rustic chic of Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley in the Blue Mountains to stylish elegance on Saffire Freycinet in Tasmania overlooking the Coles Bay of Freycinet Peninsula. Be secluded, be surrounded by the sea and the wildlife, far away from the crowds, but with access to every conceivable luxury. The Saffire Freyinet also offers a selection of experiences that you can´t miss. The most beautiful and interesting experiences for me are:  (

1. Wineglass lookout walk with the million-dollar view 

The guided two-hour hike leads over hill and dale and countless stairs, but you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the white beach of this famous crescent-shaped bay, located in the internationally renowned Freycinet National Park. 

2. Schouten Island

The only negative part of this absolutely unique excursion – it starts quite early in the morning and this means it is a little bit cold and sometimes really stormy. But the wonderful staff of Freycinet provides you with a weatherproof lined overcoat with hood. However, this coat with the telling name “Stormy” is of no use against the stormy waves, as the Tasmanian Sea might be very bumpy at the beginning of the cruise. 

Aboard the purpose-built vessel, called Saffire, you cruise the Freycinet coastline and you are going around an uninhabited, rocky island. There, the sight of the many sea lions will put a smile on your face, too. You will also learn a lot about Tasmanian´s geological past and you will hear fascinating stories of the East Coast. 

3. Marine Oyster Farm 

Don´t be put off by the monstrous fishing pants. Just get dressed and smile! This is the only way you can wade through the Tasman sea with dry feet. The passionate farmer, possibly Toni, will pick you the best oysters in the world and tell you everything you want to know about oyster farming. Finally, you can sip the fresh oysters with a glass of champagne at the table, which is set in a crisp white setting in the middle of the Tasman Sea. 

4. The Tasmanian Devil Experience 

Saffire Freycinet offers you the rare opportunity to encounter Tasmanian devils in a natural setting, the Saffire´s free range Tasmanian devil enclosure, located a few steps from your Pavilion. Unfortunately, the population of these animals is in rapid decline due to a facial tumor disease which develops rapidly and is fatal. 

As regards the accommodation, the luxury and signature suites are great, but I recommend one of the two private pavilions, as they offer the highest standard of luxury and privacy. See the photos below from our private Amos and you will book! 

And in the unlikely event that you are still not convinced about booking a stay, then let me tell you that at the Palate Restaurant you will be pampered like God in France. Palate is the most exclusive restaurant in Tasmania and the food is the most exquisite in Tasmania. Whatever you choose, you can be sure, it will be the best choice, you won´t be disappointed! 

Saffire Freycinet offers real luxury, even at the Airport. You can use the private lounge before your return flight! 


A picture is worth a thousand word. This saying comes true by clicking through this gallery.