Baglioni Hotel Luna

The true eyewitness of Venetian history San Marco, 1243, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

Baglioni Hotel Luna

The true eyewitness of Venetian history: “Like a star” in the newly renovated Baglioni Hotel Luna

Only when tourists have left the Venetian lagoon, an enchanting silence returns and Venice reveals its true beauty as well as its romantic charm. In the evenings and in the mornings, the lagoon city exudes a unique atmosphere that no other city in the world can match. Read, dear readers, in the following report my experiences in the BEST HOTEL OF THE CITY or let yourself be intoxicated by the “sounds of the Italian serenade”.

From my small balcony, I look into the sun that early in the morning irradiates the salty sweet water of the canal that slowly comes to life, while already in the distance the boats glide over the glittering lagoon. I feel the same magical mood in the evenings when I watch the sunset over the lagoon and listen to the songs of the gondoliers going home. And should it be foggy in winter, I enjoy the unique mystical and idyllic atmosphere of my very personal Venice location, because the hotel promises the same multi-faceted aura as the city. VIVA ITALIA! VIVA VENEZIA! VIVA IL BAGLIONI HOTEL LUNA! Bella Italia, especially Venice, fascinates me just as much as my mother with its Dolce Vita, its rich history and its many sights.

The legendary “Baglioni Hotel Luna” is and remains a true witness of Venetian history. It resides in a centuries-old noble palace and combines Italian tradition and hospitality with contemporary luxury and state-of-the-art technology. Thus, it meets all the important requirements for an elegant and stylish second home in the eternal city of love.

No wonder, then, that the high-quality luxury hotel is not only one of the best addresses in the “Serenissima”, but also a member of the “Leading Hotels of the World“. Every year, the stars of the film scene travel to Venice to celebrate the traditional film festival on the Lido. Some of them stay in this noble mansion, but also personalities from politics, society and culture regularly reside in the “Baglioni Hotel Luna”. The “Luna” has been renamed “Baglioni Hotel Luna” since it became part of the international hotel chain of the same name.

British businessmen David and Simon Reuben, considered the second richest family in the United Kingdom, bought the five-star hotel for about 100 million euros and rented it back to the world-renowned and expanding brand “Baglioni” in 2022 after an extensive restoration and renovation. The historic building, a palazzo dating back to 1118, which already served as a monastery, noble palace, seat of the Knights Templar and as a simple inn in the 16th century (“Locanda della Luna” / “Inn of the Moon”), now shines in new splendor, without forgetting the spirit of the old times. Thus, new stylish elements, such as the new “Baglioni Spa” harmonize with original details from the hotel’s long history.

The hotel’s own jetty is located directly in front of the main entrance and is adorned by red and yellow painted traditional wooden piles in the water. Although the luxurious hotel is not located directly on the Grand Canal, but on a picturesque side canal that flows into St. Mark’s Basin, the privileged location of the city’s oldest hotel can hardly be topped.

The “Baglioni Hotel Luna” is located just a stone’s throw away from St. Mark’s Square with the world famous “Basilica of San Marco” and the Doge’s Palace. These impressive buildings as well as the “Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute” bear witness to the glorious past of the city, which was once the powerful capital of the Republic of Venice. The traveler interested in culture and art, who wants to learn more about antiquity (Italian Renaissance) or modernity, for example, will be thrilled by visiting the “Palazzo Venier Contarini”. Also, the modern art collection “Peggy Guggenheim” is located only a 10-minute walk from the hotel. 350 meters separate the music fan from the world famous “Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia”. The heart of a tourist with an affinity for fashion will also beat faster, because it is only a footstep from the hotel to the exclusive shopping mile with luxury boutiques of renowned international fashion designers and Venetian artists. The wellness lover can relax in the new spa, an oasis of tranquility and well-being.  The “Baglioni Spa” includes a sauna, a Turkish bath, massage and treatment rooms as well as a Venetian designed relaxation room with wonderful mosaics and classic textile panels. Finally, the gourmet vacationer will be pleased, because the hotel continues to score points for its culinary delights. In this precious luxury retreat, everyone will find what he is looking for to satisfy his romantic longings. Dear readers, it is the hotel for your Italian moments in your life. My Dolce Vita moment culminates – after a delicious drink at the “Canova Bar” – in a true Magic Place for an absolute high-class culinary experience: the “Canova by Sadler” restaurant.

Claudio Sadler, who earned two Michelin stars at his Milan restaurant, knows how to make flavors shine. He is a true gourmet and, together with the famous Gennaro Balice they ensure a revelation of taste and appearance by combining tradition and innovation in perfect harmony. The entire team gives classic Italian dishes his own personal touch, and relies on regional and seasonal products.

The service is Dolce Vita feeling, too. While the “Canova by Sadler” is only open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m., the “Canova Bistrot” spoils you at lunch and dinner time: take a seat in the armchairs designed by “Rubelli” and enjoy typical Italian and Venetian dishes. Since photos are worth a thousand words, take a look at the slideshow below.

The breakfast room houses another highlight, with white wood panels, stucco, murals and mirrors. The paneled “Salone Marco Polo” is a true state room and is transformed into a ballroom on some evenings during Carnival season. Although the opulent breakfast buffet with hot and cold dishes, Italian delicacies and sweets, fresh fruit and healthy cereals leaves nothing to be desired, I especially enjoy the original ceiling.  You too, dear reader, let your gaze wander upwards and discover Tiepolo’s incomparably magnificent art, which overcame the earth’s gravity with brush and paint and conjured up a very special lightness of form and content.

In the 18th century, Tiepolo’s students gave this rather sparse accommodation its first luxurious touch by decorating the current “museum room” with unique frescoes. Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, one of the most important painters of the late Baroque and Rococo periods, personally enchants me every time I have breakfast, always looking at the carefully restored frescoes that show an allegory of the four seasons and the accompanying joys of life in this world. The depictions of the golden chain, the gift of the rose, and Cupid laying down the quiver and lighting the fire bowl will surely evoke images of carefree youth and passionate love in your mind as well. If you like to read more about this ceiling fresco, ask the maître about the breakfast menu, which includes a detailed explanation along with other tasty dishes. Not to be ignored are the paintings on the two elongated side wings of the salon depicting two everyday scenes from 19th-century Venice by painter Antonio Ermolao Paoletti.

Our Family Junior Suite in June 2023 as well as in February 2024 is characterized by two breathtaking rooms, each with a fantastic bathroom. With or without lagoon view, with shower or with bathtub, depending on your preference, some bath temples are equipped with both bathtub and shower. Let yourself be enchanted by the following pictures.

The stylishly furnished rooms and suites skillfully continue the style of the house. Furnished according to category with opulent silk brocade curtains, silk wallpaper, fine Venetian fabrics, bed lamps or chandeliers made of Murano glass, stucco-decorated ceilings, antique paintings and gold inlays, they reflect the Venetian charm. Our two deluxe rooms (306 and 312) in February 2023 score with a spacious marble bathroom, high-quality bath products from the hotel’s own range of products “Della Luna Venezia” as well as with noble Venetian furnishings. I love the unique Venetian bed lamps matching the silk wallpaper. A bottle of champagne as well as a sweet welcome in the room complete the lovely arrival at the “Baglioni Hotel Luna”.

The spacious terraces of the individually furnished top suites offer everything the heart of a stylish luxury traveler desires: a magnificent panoramic view over the rooftops of Venice, a spectacular drama view over the lagoon. The San Giorgio Terrace Suite, one of the hotel’s most prized jewels, offers a 100-square-meter terrace with unique views of San Giorgio Island, among others. Unfortunately, this unique suite was occupied during our three stays, but I hope we will have the pleasure to have a look at it this year (2024). I will of course report about it.


SPECIAL THANKS TO THE HOTEL MANAGER GIANMATTEO ZAMPIERI who made my stay – as well as that of his other guests – an unforgettable one. He loves Venice and is like an ambassador of his city. I am proud to have met him. He appropriately equipped my mother’s 80th birthday in June 2023. You should pay special attention to the 91,44 centimeters high document with central historical significance “SANCTISSIMO IN CHRIS”: I was particularly impressed by the 81 wax seals of the nobles and clergy hanging on red silk ribbons. While in the archives of the Vatican, founded in 1612 by Pope Paul V, there is the original parchment document, in the “Baglioni Hotel Luna” there is a copy of the original letter, written in 1530, in which English nobles asked the Pope to annul the marriage of their king with his wife Catherine of Aragon, so that Henry VIII could marry the court lady Anne Boleyn. The document, signed by deputies and clergy, such as the Archbishop of Canterbury, even refers to the fact that “extreme remedies” would be applied if Pope Clement the VII did not comply with their request. The Pope, however, found the existing marriage valid, leading to a break with the Catholic Church and England into the beginning of the Reformation: The Anglican Church saw the light of day. In 1533, the marriage was declared null and void. In 1536, Catherine of Aragon died.

VACATION LIKE A STAR. The “Baglioni Hotel Luna” is “The Place to be” in Venice and definitely a destination for the stylish world traveler.


1. Historical carnival with colorful, sometimes garish, sometimes pompous and elaborate costumes with feathers, glitter, jewelry and decorations, as well as Hercules games and the world-famous angel flight must to be visit. The traditional Venetian masks are of course part of the costuming. St. Mark’s Square, the Bridge of Sighs and ultimately the Rialto Bridge are the best venues for this fantastic spectacle. Check out the pictures in the slideshow below.

2. Biennale, an international exhibition of contemporary art is held every two years between April and November.  The 60th Biennale di Venezia is scheduled to run from April 20 to November 24, 2024.

3. Regata storica starts each year on September 1st Sunday in September on the Grand Canal with a mile-long historic 16th-century boat parade and colorful boats with gondoliers in period costumes carrying the duke, duchess and other Venetian dignitaries of distinction.


This very special highlight culminates with a visit to the surrounding islands in the Laguna: Murano, where the eponymous Murano glass is produced; Burano, known for its colorful fishermen’s houses and traditional lace embroidery; Sant’Erasmo, with its vegetable fields; or Torcello, with precious Venetian-Byzantine mosaics. The dedicated concierge at “Baglioni Hotel Luna” will be happy to give you information. He can also arrange a visit to a glass-blowing workshop or book a table at a typical seafood restaurant. If you want to spend the day in style, he will reserve a private boat made of the finest mahogany wood and equipped with white leather seats for you. Your skipper, a true Venetian, will reveal some Venetian secrets as he majestically guides his polished beauty through the San Marco basin past the impressive Doge’s Palace and across the calm sea. You will feel like a star!

Personal description

Baglioni Hotel Luna
The true eyewitness of Venetian history

Address San Marco, 1243, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy


Anyone who has stayed once in this Venetian palazzo, will dream of coming back! There isn´t a hotel more luxurious, stylish or elegant than this hotel.

Best time to travel

All year round

Getting there

Venice Marco Polo Airport (25 minutes by private boat)


      • dedicated and warm-hearted staff

      • pure Dolce Vita feeling

      • historical and culinary hotspot in privileged location

      • finest materials

      • a true Venetian jewel

      • breathtaking interior





Anne Hastert alias Amal Blu