Burj Al Arab

The crowning glory of the luxury hotel industry
Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab, Dubaiยดs landmark, my “Arabian Dream” come true.

Hardly any other metropolis can boast such a variety of spectacular luxury jewels as Dubai. The city as well as the hotel industry is a symbol of exuberant luxury. In my multifaceted hotel portraits, I will delight you with some real gems of the hotel scene, because the largest city in the United Arab Emirates has been my “home away from home” for many years. However, there is only one hotel, the world-famous Burj Al Arab, where the Arabian dream from a thousand and one night becomes a living reality. 

“The average gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value”. This quote by Oscar Wilde perfectly fits the Burj Al Arab, the “Tower of the Arabs”, an architectural icon of superlatives. The striking, sail-shaped silhouette towers 321 meters above the Arabian Sea and thus characterizes Dubai’s glamorous skyline. Sheikh Mohammad bin Raschid Al Maktum, builder and Emir of Dubai, opened this unique temple of luxury in 1999. 

I recommend an arrival in style with one of the hotel’s private Rolls Royce fleet or an exclusive arrival by helicopter. The hotel provides a helipad on the 28th floor for a discreet arrival. However, if you arrive this way, you’ll miss the fantastic atrium with its incredible 180-meter ceiling height. 

My insider tip: travel by helicopter from the airport and get a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s breathtaking architecture! Your pilot will fly over some five-star hotels, such as Raffles, which I will also introduce to you. Looking at this pyramid, you’ll think you’re in Egypt. The seven-lane Sheikh Zayed Highway with the imposing “Emirates Towers”, the downtown district with the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, will also show you the tremendous dynamics of this mega metropolis. You will also fly over Meydan, the glamorous city of horses. There are many horse racing tracks in the Emirates, but this facility is the largest in the world. Every year at the end of March, the most expensive horse race in the world, the Dubai World Cup, takes place there. Furthermore, you have an unobstructed view of camel farms and before heading back to the Burj Al Arab, you can watch from the air the reflection of the sun reflected in the water of the famous creek that separates the districts of Bur Dubai and Deira. Before landing, you will have a sensational view of the floating sundeck, which has been absolutely unique for several years. This futuristic deck, which stretches more than three hundred meters into the Arabian Gulf, with its air-conditioned cabanas, its two pools and other highlights, can no longer be surpassed in terms of luxury. 

 The Burj Al Arab – 202 Suites. The stuff dreams are made of! 

As for the unique suites in this one-of-a-kind luxury dream, I’ll just introduce you to four different categories. I’ll start with the absolute summum, the Royal Suite with a whopping 780 square feet of space. There are only two Royal Suites on the 25th floor: one facing the sunset side and one facing the sunrise side. 

The Royal Suite extends over 2 gigantic floors and contains far more than you can imagine. More is not possible when I enter my temporary palace in this temple of luxury. My first glance falls in the magnificent entrance area immediately on the majestic marble staircase and its imposing railing, which completes this extravagant staircase with richly decorated ornaments and gold elements. But before I step into the upper floor, I explore the basement together with the former Operations Manager. To the right, I enter an 85-square-meter majlis with a sea view, a dream setting consisting of a hand-blown candle chandelier made of Venetian crystal, a colorful carpet with rich patterns, lavish home accessories, precious silk textures for the furniture upholstery of the two sofas and the numerous armchairs, a golden table with the finest dates, the Arabian jewels that can be eaten, a golden console with a gold-edged mirror. Completely overwhelmed by this feudal style, my steps lead me to the 2nd reception living room also overlooking the Arabian Sea. Opulent furniture, inviting sofas, hand-thick and handmade carpets that swallow every footstep, a golden TV (everything that looks like gold in the hotel is gold), golden columns as well as a table made of Carrara marble with golden feet adorn this majlis. Not to forget, the magnificent burgundy fabric on the ceiling, the pompous curtains and the window blinds, which make the manifold oriental charm shine to perfection. This is where the boundless gigantism of this suite is revealed. 

However, these two unique “rooms” have only been the prelude. Back we go to the entrance area. From the previously described staircase, turn left into a dining room with unconventional color combination and original pattern mix. Behind this extravagant dining area with breathtaking views opens an indescribable study that must be experienced. The antique globe in treasure map look spurs my unbridled desire to travel. Furthermore, there are several guest toilets with adjoining bathrooms made of Brazilian granite in rather dark tones. Naive murals dominate the restrooms. 

I am so overwhelmed that my legs do not manage to take the stairs to the upper floor. But no problem. The Operations Manager has another surprise: a private elevator! Hard to believe, but true! 

Upstairs, she first shows us the master bedroom in the main colors of purple to crimson with a bed on a stationary turntable, above which is another gold-framed mirror surrounded by black columns decorated with gold. The adjacent bathroom is dominated by a circular grandiose whirlpool bathtub surrounded by columns of light Carrara marble, and a light purple carpet adorns parts of the dark marble floor. Sitting in the bathtub, a golden circular ceiling shines above you. Furthermore, a capricious shower made of 24-karat gold leaf with Italian mosaic decorates this bathing jewel. 

An elegant private open cinema room, where golden elements merge with bold colors, separates the male bedroom from the female one, which is mainly decorated in bright yellow/orange shades and soft pink. Only a chaise longue covered in leopard print breaks this light style. In the en-suite bathroom, golden elements and richly decorated carpets once again exude pure luxury. The marbled light gray marble floor is echoed on the heated seating under an Italian mural of cypress trees and an image of a Greek temple in Italy’s Paestum in Italy. Of course, there’s a whirlpool tub, columns and an exclusive shower made of gold-leaf mosaics here, too. 

The Club Suite, for example, with a whopping 330 square meters on the 19th floor, has a kitchen, its own snooker table and everything a luxury heart with a penchant for opulence could desire. 

Although the Panoramic Suite with loft character provides the well-heeled guests with a few square meters more (225 square meters) than the Sky Suite with only 170 square meters, I prefer the latter. It should be noted at this point that until three years ago, the smallest suite category was called the Deluxe Suite with one bedroom. Since most guests want to stay on one of the upper floors, management decided to rename the higher-level one-bedroom Deluxe Suites as Sky Suites. A smart move! These suites also have 2 floors. While upstairs is the pompous bedroom with dressing and grandiose bathroom, downstairs you can work on the computer provided, have a drink at the bar, comfortably enjoy a little treat from the house at the dining table or just chill on the sofa or chaise longue. 

Neither my husband nor the furniture has changed in the course of our numerous visits to the Burj Al Arab from 2007 to 2020 – or what do you think? 

Personally, I miss a separate bedroom in the Panoramic Suite. Unfortunately, I don’t like the open loft ambience. However, I don’t want to deprive you of this suite and therefore you will find the appropriate photos now. 

Each suite leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technical equipment and contributes to the luxury experience. 

Due to the wider corridor, the 19th floor is my favorite.

The Burj Al Arab – Culinary. The food that makes dreams come true! 

As for the exclusive restaurant scene, one culinary gem beats another. The offer ranges from Mediterranean cuisine to Asian and Arabic. You can expect unique experiences in the private dining rooms! I’ll start right off with our superlative, a private dinner at the award-winning Al Mahara, an underwater restaurant. My husband and I treated ourselves to this unforgettable experience a few years ago for our 20th anniversary. The hotel had quite a few surprises in store for us: a diver who swam by and congratulated us in his own way, and a gorgeous cake waiting for us in the suite. 

The former Al Mahara has been renamed the Nathan Outlaw “Al Mahara” for a few years now and has also had a successful facelift. The floor-to-ceiling cylindrical aquarium still creates an impressive ambience. One has the impression of diving into the colorful underwater world and of sinking into the tropical waters with breathtaking corals for quite some time. Only one fish, the imposing Napoleon fish named George, no longer delights the guests, as it was relocated due to its enormous growth and now explores the underwater world in the Dubai Aquarium in the Mall of the Emirates. 

At Al Muntaha on the 27th floor, the view alone is worth a stay. But the fine French cuisine also tastes great! 

Other culinary delights are served in the Japanese restaurant and the Arabic restaurant

And if you’re in the mood for an outstanding buffet, head to Bab Al Yam

A private beach dinner in front of a breathtaking backdrop is also always possible. 

The Burj Al Arab – staff, the heart of the BAA. A fairy-tale-like service! 

In order to be able to offer guests excellent service, there is an exclusive reception for check-in and check-out on every floor – regardless of which suite category you book (of course, you can also check in and out in your suite). Furthermore, your personal butler is at your disposal 24 hours a day and will fulfill your wishes or surprise you with special treats around 5:00 pm. 

The Burj Al Arab – Wellness Oasis. A golden wellness dream comes true! 

The hotel’s private Talise Spa, which is located on the 18th floor – 150 meters above the Arabian Sea – has exclusive facilities, offers relaxation options for every taste and has, among other things, a pool for women only, as well as a pool for women and men. 

All these superlatives also include a superlative outdoor area. The world famous “The Terrace” with the new pop-up restaurant Sal. 

There are 24 air-conditioned small cabanas and 8 spacious Royal Cabanas with private bathrooms. These top it all! Follow me on Instagram to see for yourself. Insider tip: You can book the cabanas without being a guest at the hotel! 

There would be so much more to tell about the Burj Al Arab, but this would definitely go beyond the scope of this hotel portrait. You can find more Burj Al Arab moments from Svemirka on www.reise-zeit.com and on Instagram @svemirkas_reisezeit.

Instead of taking off with the helicopter, we drive with the Rolls Royce into the desert to the next breathtaking luxury hotel. 

Personal description

Burj Al Arab
The crowning glory of the luxury hotel industry


Umm Suqeim 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Anyone who has stayed once in the most luxurious hotel in the world, will dream of coming back. There isnยดt anywhere more luxurious, more dreamlike, spectacular, Arabian, stylish, elegant, unforgettable than this true jewel!

Best time to travel

from October/November to April/May for those who find 35-45 degrees too hot. Additionally, since we love the heat, we always travel to Dubai in early September and enjoy temperatures up to 40 degrees. In June, July and August, the humidity is usually over 80 percent!

Getting there

Dubai Airport (DXB) 20 minutes


  • privileged location 
  • magnificent view of the beach and the sea 
  • exquisite, multi-faceted gastronomy 
  • luxurious ambience 
  • professional service 
  • dedicated staff 
  • ultimate experiences

Anne Hastert alias Amal Blu