One & Only Wolgan Valley

The exclusive Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley is located in the world-famous Blue Mountains
2600 Wolgan Rd, Wolgan Valley NSW 2790, Australia

One & Only Wolgan Valley

The exclusive Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley is located in the world-famous Blue Mountains

Don’t miss the experience and fly from Sydney by helicopter to the secluded Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley. This is one of a kind of destination where guests can experience the ultimate offer to the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains luxury with a 5-star experience and a staff genuinely committed to conversation.  (

From the air, the layout of Sydney can be seen to full benefit! Of course, you can also book a limousine from Sydney to Wolgan Valley. The duration of a road trip is about three hours, as I recommend a stop at the Echo Point lookout at Katoomba to see the legendary Three Sisters rock formation. You can also see this stunning geographical formation during your flight that takes forty-five minutes from Sydney to Wolgan Valley. Our pilot tells us the legend from love and war of this spectacular landmark: “The Three Sisters play an important part in Aboriginal history. The three beautiful sisters fell in love with three brothers from the hostile tribe. A powerful tribal elder decided to help the women and transformed them into stone to protect them. He planned to reverse the spell and bring the sisters back to life after the battle ended, but he was killed in the battle. And the sisters have been standing mournfully high above the Valley until now. 

The exclusive Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley in the world-famous Blue Mountains, a mountain range located in New South Wales, reflects the Grand Canyon of Australia. The name is due to a bluish veil on the horizon. The essential oils released into the atmosphere by the eucalyptus trees provide this blue haze. Book a one-bedroom Heritage Villa with private indoor pool overlooking the magical Australian scenery. The resort, which only takes up one percent of the total area, is embedded in a majestic natural paradise that is located in a 2.800 hectare nature reserve. If you should leave your villa at dusk, watch out for the cute kangaroos hopping around in front of your villa during the day. These become dangerous razors in the twilight and can briefly reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. 

The two restaurants, for dinner The Dining Room and for lunch The Country Kitchen, offer great meals with the finest local ingredients and inclusive in your accommodation package. I also recommend the various private dining options. Let your dining dreams come true in this Australian nature paradise! Eating at Wolgan Valley means unforgettable culinary delights in a breathtaking atmosphere. Don´t miss this experience! 

For relaxation, I suggest a swim in the marvelous outdoor pool, a bath in the whirlpool, a treatment in the spa or simply lie on a sun lounger and enjoy the spectacular landscape. Of course, you must also explore the native bushland maybe by horse or by foot (bushwalking). 

Definitely you have to discover after dinner the mystery of nature by night on a private nocturnal wildlife-spotting expedition and before breakfast the private Safari with your private ranger. You will never forget these remarkable experiences, as you get up close with Australia´s native wildlife and you learn so much about the flora and fauna!

The One & Only Wolgan Valley offers activity for every taste, such as stargazing, bird-watching, mountain biking, local wine and local gin tasting, historical tours to the original homestead (1832), glow-worm tours.

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Personal description

One & Only Wolgan Valley
The exclusive Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley is located in the world-famous Blue Mountains


2600 Wolgan Rd, Wolgan Valley NSW 2790, Australia


Anyone who stayed once here, will dream of coming back.

Best time to travel

November till February / March

Getting there

45 minutes by helicopter from Sydney 2-3 hours by car from Sydney


  • 2,800 hectare nature reserve
  • environmentally conscious luxury villas with private pools
  • historic farmhouse dating back to 1832
  • excellent cuisine
  • beautiful outdoor pool with jacuzzi
  • diverse excursions (private morning and night safari, wine tastings, horse rides, walks, ...)
  • own helipad

Anne Hastert alias Amal Blu