Los Angeles

The city of angels
Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The city of angels.

Arrival day: 

Thanks to the arrival with LH456 at 13.05 pm, you still have the possibility to spend the afternoon on one of the most famous shopping miles of the world, the Rodeo Drive. This extends over three blocks and is only a 5-minute walk from the absolutely unique Peninsula Beverly Hills. More about The Peninsula Beverly Hills in my separate article. 

Day 1: Hollywood atmosphere at your fingertips 

After a typical American breakfast, let your private driver pick you up and chauffeur you past the Sunset Strip to the Walk of Fame. Then take a leisurely stroll along the 2.5-kilometer-long Hollywood Boulevard with its more than 2,200 polished marble stones. Linger briefly at the 1st Grand Movie Palace, built in New Egyptian style and featuring massive columns: Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre (1922). The address is 6712 Hollywood Boulevard.

Don’t miss Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (1927) at 6925, which was listed in 1968. On its lofty forecourt, the stars and starlets of the premiere films shown had to immortalize themselves in freshly laid concrete slabs with footprints and handprints as well as dates and signatures.

A clever advertising trick by its founder Sid Grauman. He knew exactly how to make a name for himself in show business. His motto was “stand out at all costs” and so this movie theater still embodies his opulent mindset: a majestic mix of Chinese pagodas, temples, pillars, lions, dragon heads and much more. You have to see it! Of course, original parts from China were also used. The nearby Dolby (Kodak) Theatre is also worth a visit. In this concert and event hall, the Oscars have been awarded in February since 2002 every year. By the way, the Walk of Fame is the only sidewalk that is cleaned 6 times a week and the candidates pay around 25,000 USD for their star. 

After this visit, your private driver will take you to Griffith Park. From there you have an unobstructed view of the famous landmark of the city. But not only the Hollywood sign attracted our attention. The Art Deco observatory, built in 1935 and located nearby (also on the south side of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park) is almost as famous, as it was the location for the movie La La Land. 

Finally, your driver will take you to the Warner Bros. Studios. We had bought a VIP STUDIO TICKET ON THE INTERNET in advance, so we could look behind the scenes and learned a lot of interesting things about the film industry. 

The rest of the day you can relax by the pool of The Peninsula or you can visit one of the most famous museums or galleries in Los Angeles. For example, the Jean Paul Getty Museum (Getty Research Institute), the Armand Hammer Museum of Art, the L.A. County Museum of Art or the Saatchi Gallery. 

In the evening I recommend one of the most famous restaurants in Beverly Hills. The Ivy 113 N Robertson Boulevard Theivyrestaurants.com The Hollywood hotspot, which serves excellent Californian cuisine with Italian influences, has been a meeting place for superstars since 1983, especially at lunchtime. The desserts are a dream! The interior design concept on the terrace and in the various rooms is based on white and cream tones combined with woods, colorful flowers in all variations and playful place settings. You must book one month in advance. 

Day 2: Multifaceted Los Angeles 

Your private driver will take you to Union Station, because the waiting hall with its almost 16-meter-high roof, the filigree decorations above the windows and doors, as well as the beautiful marble floors are a must-see. Therefore, it is not surprising that the waiting hall often served as a movie set in the 40s. 

After this visit, get back into your limousine and a few minutes later you will experience Mexican feeling and Latin flair in Los Angeles. El Pueblo de Los Angeles is located right at Union Station and is the Mexican birthplace of the metropolis. Walk along the Mexican market on Olvera Street and let yourself be inspired by the rhythm of the music. You should visit the oldest house in Los Angeles: The Avila Adobe, built around 1818. This historic building with a unique cactus garden is now part of the El Pueblo neighborhood and a museum that should be on your to-do list. As you wander from room to room, you can admire not only the antique furniture, but also the thick walls. In the living room, the black lacquer table that stands between the large bench and the window is an original. Whether you visit one of the numerous bars or restaurants for a midday snack, I leave up to you. It would be worth it. 

Later, your driver will take you to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Take a closer look at the eye-catching urban concert hall and make up your own mind. It is the most architecturally discussed concert hall in the world. 2,265 seats are grouped in a circle around the orchestra – since its construction in 2003. There is not a single straight wall inside. The silver metal panels on the exterior wall are meant to resemble a sail, because the highly praised Canadian architect and designer Frank Gehry is an avid sailor. You can’t miss the Blue Ribbon Garden, also designed by Frank Gehry. In this Roof Garden with a rose fountain made of the famous Delft porcelain, Walt Disney’s wife, Lilian Disney, is remembered. She laid the foundation for the construction of the concert hall, which ultimately cost around $274 million, with a donation of $50 million. Lilian Disney cultivated an intimate love of gardens and especially roses. 

After this visit, your driver will take you to City Hall. The 32-story building is not only the seat of California’s city government, but also houses the offices of the mayor and the council chambers. You can see some of them for yourself. Get a ticket in advance to visit the observation deck on the 27th floor. You will first take an express elevator that will take you to the 22nd floor, then a historic elevator that will take you to the 26th floor. In the end, you still have to climb a few stairs. The view is worth it. 

Once again, your driver expertly guides you through traffic to the historic Bradbury Building. It’s one of the oldest surviving buildings downtown and features a stunning Victorian-style atrium. Lewis Bradbury, who became a millionaire thanks to mining, sadly passed away before the building opened in 1893. You can even sit next to Charlie Chaplin on the first floor. 

At the end of todayยดs drive, I recommend a visit of the very special Episcopal Church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, built of sand-colored exposed concrete. This cathedral has hardly any right angles and does not have a steeple. In the basement is the mausoleum, which is unique. The outside area also invites you to linger. 

You can end today’s richly filled day with a glass of champagne at the bar of The Peninsula or visit the spa at The Peninsula. 

If you like to visit a typical Italian restaurant in the evening, I suggest Da Pasquale, a 2-minute walk from The Peninsula. This place serves authentic Italian cuisine with an Italian flair. dapasqualecaffe.com

Departure Day: 

Before flying back to Frankfurt on LH457 at 3:10 pm, ask your driver in the morning to take you to San Marino (20 minutes away by car), so you can visit The Huntington. The sophisticated design of the entrance area already made my heart beat faster. The Huntington is a successful symbiosis between botanical garden (with among others a desert palm garden), landscape park (with boulders, bamboo groves, bridges, carp and lily ponds) and cultural facilities (library, painting galleries). Unfortunately, due to the few hours we spent there, we could not see the whole area. But the Zen Garden and the Rose Garden, as well as the multifaceted palm trees and cacti, have remained in vivid memory. 

Time flew by and the Tom Bradley Airport sadly welcomed us back. However, the Star Alliance Lounge had a little surprise in store: an outdoor terrace with a view of the apron and a blazing fireplace. 

Have fun in Los Angeles, 

your Amal 

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Los Angeles
The city of angels


Los Angeles


The city of angels

Best time to travel

May to October

Getting there

Direct flight from Germany to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)


  • Sunset Strip
  • Walk of Fame
  • Griffith Park
  • Warner Bros. Studios
  • diverse museums and galleries
  • Mexican Quarter
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • City Hall
  • day trip to San Marino

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